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Make more online, for less

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  • “Namecheap has been a trusted partner for our critical domain names. As we continue to grow, we know we can always count on them.”


    Dylan Field, Co-founder and CEO, Figma

  • “We've been using Namecheap for all our domains for years, and have always been able to count on them. Their technology just works, and their support is phenomenal. Highly recommended!”


    Alan Schaaf, founder and CEO, Imgur

  • “With a high value domain name like, it's important to use a registrar that you trust. We can sleep at night knowing that Namecheap is keeping our asset secure.”


    Bo Jiang, CEO,

  • “Namecheap has quickly become our default registrar for the various domain names we use as part of our Buffer offering. A clear and intuitive dashboard combined with wide support across a number of top-level domains and a responsive team add up to an unbeatable experience.”


    Colin Ross, Engineering Manager, Buffer

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Frequently asked questions

How can Namecheap help me make more online for less?

Namecheap exists to help EVERYONE get, make, and achieve more online with less cost, hassle, and headaches. We offer everything you need to get online and thrive, from domains to hosting to security to specialist services and products — all with value built in. Great prices, world-beating customer support, and extra resources come as standard.

Why buy a domain name from Namecheap?

Above all else, we strive to deliver outstanding customer experiences. When you buy a domain name from Namecheap, we guarantee it will be handed over to you with superior standards of service and support. Our primary goal is to build a customer-focused atmosphere filled with the happiest customers in the galaxy. The Namecheap guarantee is our mark of excellence.

Why is domain name registration required?

When you build a website, you want visitors to come and see what you've done. To get them there, you need a unique domain name that connects to your site's servers. Domain name registration is required to ensure that no one else in the world can claim ownership of your site's address and to make finding your website simple. Find your one of a kind domain name.

How does domain registration work?

Think of the name you want to register. The answer is typically your company or website name. It is best to keep your domain name short and easy to understand. Say it out loud, and make sure it sounds great. Next, search to see if it is available. If the name you desire is taken with the .com top-level domain, there are hundreds of others available. Finally, add the top choices to your cart and complete the domain registration.

What domains are available from Namecheap?

At Namecheap, you can register brand new domain names using hundreds of popular TLDs. In our Marketplace, you will find thousands of domain names that have already been registered but are now for sale. While .com domains are available, of course, you'll also see options using .net, .us, and many more.

Can you buy domain names and sell them?

If you have a website domain for sale, Market is the place for you. Our dedicated platform offers in-house auctions and Buy It Now listings, visited by thousands of people every day. List your domains at a fixed price and we’ll take care of the rest.

What’s the best way to find a cheap domain?

It’s all about knowing where to look. We’ve gathered together our most popular deals on one page so you can easily find your perfect domain name, hosting, and more at affordable prices. Just take a look.

How do I choose the right domain registrar?

While price is a big factor, there are also other areas to consider when choosing the right domain registrar. These include customer support, security, and effortless account management. All of which come as standard with Namecheap — alongside a great price, of course.

How do I pick the right domain name?

So you’ve discovered that simply Googling ‘register website domain’ and finding a great provider isn’t the whole story. You also need to consider which domain extension to pick, and which name to register. So check out our simple guide to choosing the best domain.

Why do you have different offers for the same products?

Products might be the same, but every customer is different. That’s why we tailor our deals to suit as many people as possible. So you get exactly what you need, for less.

*What are the details of the $5.98 .COM offer?

This promotion applies to new 1st year registrations for new customers. One purchase per household.

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