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We had an awesome time celebrating our 18th birthday. Thanks to all those who celebrated the last 18 years with us, and helped us to reach a mammoth 10 million domains under management. There are so many exciting things happening in the near future for Namecheap, so stay tuned! While this year's celebration in 2018 may be over, you can still visit our promo page to catch our latest and greatest deals.

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We are always excited to learn about the unique and interesting things our customers create online.

Perhaps your website works toward a better community, or revolutionizes the Internet in some way. Maybe you run a successful online shop, or promote an awesome new product. Maybe you're planning something exciting for the future, but you want to share it with the world.

Whatever your online story is, we'd love to hear it. We're always on the lookout for great stories from our superstar customers.

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These days, having an online presence isn't just a privilege, it's a necessity. We at Namecheap believe it's a basic right, and currently manage over 10 million domains and counting!


That's why for almost two decades, we've been committed to offering affordable access to the tools and services that help you establish your place on the web.

Online Freedom

But we're about more than just selling great products and services. We also stand up for your rights online. We think everyone deserves free and open access to the content they want, when they want it.

Part of Something Bigger

The Internet is for anyone who wants to share their ideas with the world. At Namecheap, we're honored to help our customers realize their dreams. It's why we're here.

What we Stand for

So what's at the heart of everything we do?

These are the ideals by which all of us at Namecheap measure performance and success. We are:

Champions for Our Customers

Our customers take first priority. Some things can't be taught, they have to be lived. And every day, Namecheap lives the values of authenticity and reliability. Our customers – not shareholders, profit models, or other outside influences – are the reason for everything we do.

Taking a Stand

Namecheap is committed to a free and open Internet. From issues such as online privacy or Net Neutrality, we stand up for what we believe in. You can always rely on us to challenge convention and be at the forefront of innovations in our industry.

Straightforward prices & practices

Our interaction with our customers (and each other) is honest and transparent. Our customer service team is highly-rated by our customers. We focus on offering clear pricing and no unwanted upsells.

Dedicated to Security & Privacy

Namecheap has your back when it comes to online security, providing the knowledge and tools to keep you safe and informed. And we always work hard to stay current with the latest tools and technology to keep our customers safe online.

Values and principles aren't created overnight – they're developed and refined through hard work and honest practices. Namecheap stands by our core values and the ways in which they benefit our community and our customers.

Terms and Conditions

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