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Transfer to Namecheap today!

Save up to 44% on 10 top domains and up to 99% on hosting. Sale ends March 1.

Bulk Transfer

We support transfers of domains with the extensions like: .com, .net, .org, .us, .info, .biz, .me, .co and much more. View all available extensions →

Check out usingto apply the discount
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22% off

$8.98 /yr


33% off

$7.98 /yr


21% off

$6.98 /yr


13% off

$19.98 /yr


44% off

$29.98 /yr


19% off

$12.98 /yr


30% off

$12.98 /yr


33% off

$9.98 /yr


25% off

$8.98 /yr


18% off

$6.98 /yr


Transfer up to a total of 100 domains. Domains renew when they’re transferred, and any time you have left is carried over*.

Need help transferring?

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Web hosting for everyone

Save big on shared hosting — perfect for starting a new website or migrating an existing one. It’s also easy to move WordPress sites by migrating to EasyWP — the fastest Managed WordPress Hosting around.

Use codefor Stellar Shared Hosting plans
65% off

$11.88 /yr


That’s $0.99 a month

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60% off

Shared Hosting

Stellar Plus

$22.88 /yr


That’s $1.91 a month

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$0.01 $14.94 /mo /yr

$1.00 $29.88

First month only  

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$0.02 $34.44 /mo /yr

$2.00 $68.88

First month only  

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Want to transfer hosting from elsewhere? Easily move your whole site to us.

Follow our guides to migrate cPanel sites or migrate WordPress sites

All these amazing offers end March 1 at 11:59 PM ET, so hurry!

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How to transfer a domain

Switching for better service, support, and savings has never been simpler

1-Check it

Type your domain in the search bar above to see if it meets our basic domain transfer requirements.

2-Prepare it

Familiarize yourself with the requirements for your domain, and request a transfer code from your existing provider.

How to claim your discounts: Copy and paste the promo code in your cart when you check out.

3-Submit it

Paste your transfer code, click ‘Add to Cart’, and head to the checkout to make your payment. Your domain transfer will automatically complete — usually in under 24 hours.

Every domain transfer means

  • Cheaper renewals

    Benefit from Namecheap’s low prices every year

  • Experienced support

    Enjoy worry-free customer service excellence

  • Remaining months carried over

    On top of the 1 year you get when you transfer*

  • Security discounts

    Get a Comodo PositiveSSL for $3.88

  • Flexible DNS for less

    Choose from DNSSEC, Dynamic DNS, and PremiumDNS

  • Your address is kept private

    Free domain privacy forever

Why transfer domains to us?

The answer is... easy!

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Easy savings

You will benefit from some of the best transfer fees in the market, plus savings on your annual renewals. It’s all part of matching our great service with savings — and keeping those savings coming.

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Easy management

It’s not just easy to transfer domains. It’s easy to manage them too. Namecheap’s checkout and Account Panel are free of cluttered upsells and complications, so you’re free to get on with what matters.

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Easy consolidation

You can move all your domains to us, stress and hassle-free. Manage every domain in one place and forget about juggling separate providers, contacts, and services. Get everything you need right here.

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Easy 24/7 support

Get all the help and advice you need, including concierge support during the transfer itself. Our Support Center has helped millions of people with their domains. Doing transfers right... right around the world.

Frequently asked questions

If I transfer my domain, do I get to keep the time I have left with my previous provider?

Yes — all the time remaining with your previous provider will transfer to Namecheap, along with a 1-year renewal when you transfer*.

Is my domain eligible for transfer?

Simply enter your domain into the search bar on this page to check if it’s eligible for transfer. Don’t worry, nearly all domains are!

What domains can I transfer?

You can transfer any eligible domains you need to, but you get an especially great deal during this sale if you transfer the domains on offer in this sale.

How do I transfer my domain?

Follow our three easy steps to do this. Keep in mind that a domain transfer does not imply automatic DNS changes. The nameservers for your domain will remain the same after the transfer and will not be automatically switched to Namecheap DNS. Look at our detailed Knowledgebase guide to learn how to change your DNS settings.

How many domains can I transfer?

You can transfer up to 100 domains in total per business/household with the promo code TLD21TS1.

How many hosting packages can I claim?

You can claim a combined total of 20 Stellar or Stellar Plus hosting plans per business/household (use promo code HOST21TS1), and a maximum of 1 EasyWP plan in total.

Can I transfer all of the TLD types on offer?

You can transfer up to 100 domains in total and mix and match how you want. TLD21TS1 works for all domains, and can be used in as many transactions as required until the limit is reached.

Can I migrate/transfer my current website to Namecheap?

Migrating your site into Namecheap is completely free of charge, and we can guarantee fast cPanel-to-cPanel transfers. We can also easily migrate sites that are built on WordPress into EasyWP. It’s possible to migrate other sites manually, but we will need to review each case individually.

How long does the migration of my hosting take, and how does it work?

Hosting migration usually takes less than 24 hours. However, it may take more time during Transfer Week due to increased interest. Our team is ready to answer all your questions and assist you in this process.

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Still have questions about transfers?

Visit our Domain Transfers FAQ and Hosting Transfer page

Terms and conditions
  • All promo code offers are limited to one redemption per business/household, which works up to the maximum number stated for each product.
Domain Transfers
  • *Your domain is renewed for 1 year during the transfer (although there may be certain exceptions for some ccTLDs like .UK domain family). 1 year is added to the current expiration date of eligible domains. Any registration time left with your existing provider is carried over during the transfer, provided your domain meets the requirements stated below.
  • An additional $0.18 ICANN fee is charged for most domains (see full list of domains with ICANN fees).
  • Promo code will be valid from 12:00 AM ET on February 23 to 11:59 PM ET on March 1.
  • Purchase up to a maximum of 100 domains over all. These can be processed in as many transactions as required until that number is reached.
  • Transfer discounts cannot be used to move premium domains.
  • You’ll receive Namecheap’s privacy protection for free with all compatible domains.
  • Every domain comes with a free two month trial of Private Email.
  • If your domain expired with your previous registrar, and you’ve reactivated it (renewed after expiration) with them, please do not transfer it within 45 days of the previous expiration date. If you do this, your registrar will revoke the renewal you bought. Also, for some TLDs there is a 60-day lock-in period when a domain is first registered or transferred, during which it cannot be moved between registrars.
  • Promo code valid for up to 20 Stellar Hosting plans in total.
  • Our Stellar Plus plan offers unmetered disk space, intended only for your website. This space must be used in accordance with our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), in particular Paragraph 10.2.
  • Hosting promotional prices apply to new purchases only and are not valid for renewals.
  • Monetary savings will remain the same if UK data-centers are chosen, but the cost is greater.
  • 30-day refund period applies to first-time customers only. It does not apply if you already have an existing Stellar hosting package registered, if you’ve canceled a plan previously, or have a plan already in another Namecheap account.
  • Subject to our Hosting Acceptable Use Policy.
  • We reserve the right to cancel orders that violate terms as defined by Namecheap.
  • EasyWP promotional price applies to the first billing cycle only with renewals available at the regular price.
  • EasyWP purchases are limited to one product purchase per Namecheap account.
Hosting Migration
  • Hosting migration is guaranteed for cPanel-based hosting accounts and sites created using WordPress. Any manual website migrations will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Our usual ‘24-hour hosting migration guarantee’ does not apply during the transfer promotion. Migration may take more time in this period due to increased interest.
  • Domain and hosting transfers operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Need help? We're always here for you.