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What purple means in marketing

When you want to convey a sense of grandeur about your brand, a purple logo can be the perfect way to do it. Often associated with luxury, royalty, and wealth, this color helps to elevate your brand, making it a great fit for real estate, financial services, and more.

A purple logo shows that a brand stands apart from the competition, especially since it’s not used as frequently in logo designs as primary colors. Purple helps to create a distinctive and memorable visual representation of your company.

Look to Taco Bell for purple logo inspiration. While many fast food restaurants use red and yellow in their logos, Taco Bell had a purple logo designed to make sure their brand appeared creative and unique.

Different combinations of purple can emphasize various qualities about a brand. A purple and green logo has a peaceful, soothing color scheme, while purple and yellow creates a dynamic, eye-catching effect.

When designing the perfect logo for your brand, remember that different purple tones appeal to men and women in different ways. Lighter lavender shades are generally more attractive to female customers, while male customers tend to respond to darker purples.

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