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How to design a manufacturing logo

Manufacturing company branding can be a challenge to develop due to the fact that there are no icons which are solely associated with this industry. Many of the most common manufacturing symbols, such as gears, wrenches, and drills, can be easily confused with other fields such as construction or engineering.

To make sure your logo stands out, consider opting for abstract symbols instead. In many cases, shapes and lines can be just as impactful as images, especially when you use them strategically.

For example, squares represent a combination of strength, balance, and stability, while vertical lines are associated with growth and progress. When having a manufacturing logo designed, try to use abstract symbols which are most closely aligned with your key brand values.

Colors are another important element in manufacturing logos. Many companies use an industrial gray tone as part of their design, but it helps to offset that subdued hue with something a bit bolder.

Consider using red, which can make your brand look powerful and dynamic. Another great color for manufacturing logos is blue, which signifies honesty, loyalty, and trust. When combined with the right symbols, these colors can help create a cohesive brand identity.

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