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Recommended logo symbols for a professional handyman

One of the most important steps in the process of having a handyman logo designed is choosing which symbols or icons to use. The imagery you select may depend on the type of handyman services you provide.

For a general handyman business, basic tools like a hammer, screwdriver, or drill can be a great fit for a logo. But if you have a particular specialty, you can use your logo as an opportunity to emphasize your expertise and skills.

Use a paint brush or roller if you specialize in painting. Include a water droplet or faucet to showcase your plumbing skills. Add a lightbulb or plug to your logo if you focus on electrical services.

Logo icons like these can help clients find you when they need a particular type of handyman service. The right symbols can help distinguish your business from the competition and connect with your target audience.

When selecting an image for your handyman logo template, consider how it will look across a variety of marketing applications. In particular, think about whether your logo will be easy to read and understand even when it’s displayed in a small format, like business cards, websites, and social media platforms.

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Frequently asked questions

To start designing a logo, click on Create free logo and begin going through the steps with Logo Maker. Each prompt will provide details to help you make the best selections for your handyman business. It takes just a few minutes to go through all the questions, after which Logo Maker will provide you with a variety of custom logos from which to choose.
Your handyman logos are free to save and download as many times as you like. To keep your favorite designs, just create a free Namecheap account. Then, you can log in to your account at any time and click on View my existing logos to see your saved designs and access them for downloads.
Each time you download your logo, you’ll get the design in multiple image sizes and in two file formats: SVG and PNG. These types of files allow for digital and print applications, so you can easily add your logo to business cards, websites, flyers, and more.
Construction logos and handyman logos often feature some of the same icons, such as tools, tool belts, and images of houses. When designing your logo, make sure you consider whether someone seeing it for the first time will immediately understand what types of services you offer. If it’s not clear, try changing the imagery in your logo or adding the word “handyman” to the design.

The difference between construction logos and handyman logos can be subtle at times since both work in the same field. However, handyman logos tend to appeal more to the residential customer or a small business owner, instead of larger projects such as new building construction.

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