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What to include in a gym logo template

All gyms are not alike. What makes yours unique is something to be celebrated, and a great logo will allow you to do just that. 

To design logos that really stand out, focus on what you have to offer your members. Using expressive colors in your logo template can help you to convey some of these things in a subtle yet effective way.

If you have a warm and welcoming environment, consider using yellow as part of your fitness logo design inspiration. For gyms more focused on power lifting and intense exercise, red represents the bold energy and action you’re looking for.

Think about your clientele as well and what will make them feel comfortable at your gym. An image of a muscled figure holding a barbell might work for a gym that caters to serious weightlifters, but it could be intimidating to potential clients at other gym and fitness facilities.

A gym logo designed with your brand values and target audience in mind will help you gain new members and build brand awareness and recognition. Remember that these types of logos may also work for yoga studios, fitness brands, personal trainers, and other related businesses.

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