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How to create a memorable film logo

Developing logo designs for film studios and movies doesn’t necessarily require the assistance of a professional graphic designer. With a few simple tips, you can develop a film company logo that viewers remember and which evokes certain qualities about your brand.

The overall style of your logo can communicate what type of film styles your production company creates. For example, you can look to Columbia Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and MGM to see how a logo can convey the grandeur and luxury of blockbuster films. All three film studio logos prominently feature the color gold to symbolize glamor, magic, and spectacle.

To create a logo for a specific movie rather than a film production company, consider what types of design elements match up with the style and feel of the film. For The Lord of the Rings, the golden color brings the titular ring to mind, while an old-world font evokes the fantasy adventure theme.

Compare that with the logo for Back to the Future, which features a more modern font and uses perspective to create a feeling of motion. An arrow icon is also integrated to emphasize the time travel that’s central to the film’s premise.

How to create a film logo

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Frequently asked questions

Start by typing in your film company or movie name on the Logo Maker page, then click on Create free logo. As you follow the steps, you’ll get helpful prompts for various design elements that will be featured in your logo template. Answer each question to get a wide variety of film logo options which you can use as is or edit to your specifications. The whole process takes just a few minutes to complete.
Create a free account with Namecheap to save as many free film logo designs as you want. Once you’re logged into your account, simply save your preferred designs in Logo Maker. To see a collection of all your saved designs, navigate to the Logo Maker page while logged into your account. At the top of the page, click on View my existing logos to see your saved film logos.
Yes! Every Logo Maker download comes with multiple image sizes in two file formats: SVG and PNG. You can upload or edit the files as needed to create various types of marketing materials, including business cards, websites and social media posts.
The design elements you use can help distinguish between logos made for film production companies and the movies themselves. When creating a film production logo, for example, an icon with film strips can showcase that you’re in the business of making movies.

To design a logo for a movie, think about how you can entice possible audience members with intriguing design elements. The logo for the Pixar movie Up is a good example. It features an icon with a key element of the film — the house tied to balloons — in a way that piques viewers’ interest.

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