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Key design details for a chef logo

What makes a good chef logo? There are a number of features you can include in your logo design in order to emphasize your exceptional cooking skills and delicious dishes.

One of the most classic options for a logo in this profession is the chef’s hat. This is the most clear symbol of professionalism, but it can also be overused within the industry, so make sure you’re incorporating it in a creative way.

Another option is to include objects associated with professional cooking, such as a spatula, a knife or a plate covered by a cloche.

If your work as a chef focuses on a particular type of cuisine, highlight it in your logo design with iconic ingredients or dishes. For example, you could include carrots and lettuce for a vegetarian cooking business or a pasta dish for an Italian catering company.

Besides symbols, you’ll also want to carefully select which colors you include when having your chef logo designed. Red is one of the most popular logo colors for chefs because it’s thought to stimulate the appetite.

Choose other colors based on the concepts they evoke, such as green for nature and balance or orange for friendliness and fun.

How to create your chef logo

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