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How to create a memorable car logo

Which car logos can you think of off the top of your head? Typically, the most memorable logos are those which have helped to create a strong brand identity for the car company.

Take the prancing horse in the Ferrari logo, for example. This design immediately connects Ferrari with freedom, wildness, and speed — a fitting combination for an iconic sports car brand.

The ram logo for Dodge also uses an animal to represent the company, but with a different effect. In this case, the ram allows Dodge to take on qualities like authority, power, and fearlessness.

Your logo doesn’t need to include an animal to be effective. However, it should feature graphic design elements which accurately represent your brand values.

Economy car manufacturers can use simple, square shapes to represent durability and reliability. Blue’s association with security, integrity, and protection also makes it a fitting choice for this type of car brand.

A luxury car maker, on the other hand, might prefer an ornate script font and a crest shape. In terms of color, purple is thought to represent royalty and opulence, while black is used to show sophistication and elegance.

How to create your car logo

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