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Why is blue so popular for logos?

Shades of blue are incredibly common in professional logo designs. In addition to being the most common favorite color, blue is especially versatile when it comes to conveying certain qualities and emotions.

Blue can confer trust, dependability, and reliability and give people a sense of safety, security and protection. It’s also associated with peace and relaxation, and it symbolizes elements of nature, such as water or blue sky.

Because blue is so versatile, it’s no surprise that many brands have picked blue as the prominent color in their logos. Some of the most successful blue logos connect with the key themes and ideas associated with this color.

For example, American Express and Bank of America both use blue in their logos to instill feelings of trust and demonstrate that they will protect client finances.

With General Electric, a simple blue and white logo creates a badge-like appearance that marks each product as one that features the brand’s trademark steady reliability.

Each of these examples also uses blue to create a calming effect. This puts customers at ease and helps them to rest assured that they’re in good hands when choosing a particular company’s products or services.

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