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Recommended blog logo characteristics

Creating a logo for your blog is an important step in developing your unique brand identity. The types of logos that will work best for your website depend on the theme of your blog.

For example, a fashion blog might include clothing items in the design, while a travel blog could feature a globe, passport, or airplane. An icon of a specific ingredient or dish would be fitting for a food blog.

When choosing a color scheme for your blog website logo, consider the symbolism of each hue. Perhaps yellow, which is associated with optimism, friendliness, and enthusiasm, is the right choice for your lifestyle blog. For a blog focused on healthy living, consider using green to symbolize nature and balance.

Ideally, you should come up with a beautiful blog logo before settling on a website template. This allows you to integrate the logo seamlessly into various areas of the blog.

However, it’s very common for bloggers to develop their logo after the website template has already been selected, either to create a more professional look or as part of a rebrand. Regardless of which comes first, your website design should complement the logo design.

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