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Tips for designing a barber logo

When developing your barber shop logo, avoid generic design elements that are overused in this industry. There are countless barber logos featuring scissors, shave tools, and barber poles. Beard and mustache imagery has become more common in recent years, but be aware that it may signal to some that your shop is not inclusive of everyone.

If you want to use a traditional barber icon, it’s important to do it in a distinctive and creative way. For example, your logo design could feature a straight shaving razor as part of the text by angling it to look like the letter “L” or “V.”

Next up, think about the best color palette for your barber logo. Black and white is frequently used by barber shops, but it can come across as a bit dull if you’re trying to attract attention on social media.

Consider creating a colorful version of your logo that is eye-catching and bold. Red and blue are often overused due to their association with barber poles. You might have more success with purple, which signifies luxury and sophistication. If you want to convey a welcoming, friendly, and cheerful vibe, incorporate orange into your design.

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