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Namecheap’s Exclusive Backup Tool

Unlike most competitors, AutoBackup is FREE with Premium Shared Hosting Plans.

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  • Protects all website data
  • Supports automatic restores
  • Access backup history

Included with Premium Shared Hosting Plans

AutoBackup Features

Automatic Security

Automatic Security

In the event of an unexpected failure or malware attack, forget having to rebuild your website from scratch or dealing with outdated backups. AutoBackup keeps your website data safe, sound, and automatically backed up.

User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface

Fast and easy, AutoBackup is ready for immediate use—no setup necessary! Valid only for Stellar Plus and Stellar Business Plans (previously Ultimate and Business SSD Plans).

Control Options

Control Options

Now you have the power to turn back time. Featuring access to 6 daily, 3 weekly and 5 monthly backups, you can choose to restore or download your backups locally.

All-Inclusive Backups

All-Inclusive Backups

Not only do all your websites get backed up, but also your account files, databases, email accounts, settings, and more. How’s that for all-in-one service?

Get Started

Here’s how to keep your website data safe and sound.

1. Buy

Buy your Shared Hosting Plan (Stellar Plus or Stellar Business).

2. Log in

Log in to your cPanel or Namecheap Account Panel and select the AutoBackup icon.

3. Select

Select your preferred date to view your available backups (daily, weekly, and monthly) or restore a backup.

4. Finish

Once the restore is complete, you can also download your backups locally, copy backup links or cancel links if you change your mind.

FREE AutoBackup Tool

To start using AutoBackup, simply purchase a Stellar Plus or Stellar Business Plan.

Stellar Business


Save 47% on 1st year

You pay $58.88 — renews at $108.88/year

  • Domain name

    Your annual hosting plan comes with one domain name offer.

  • Unlimited websites
  • 50 GB SSD
  • Unlimited mailboxes
  • AutoBackup & Cloud Storage
  • Website Builder

Why Namecheap?

Customer service

Customer service

You will find our Support Team to be everything you need in terms of friendly and helpful assistance. These are real people who are ready to help you out with any issue on a 24/7 basis.

Privacy and security

Privacy and security

At Namecheap, we prioritize your online privacy and security, and we support the rights of individuals and consumers online at all times. Keeping the Internet open, free, and safe for all users comes first for us.

Your business online

Your business online

Finding industry-premium hosting services and products at affordable prices will hugely benefit your business. All our services are here to provide you with an improved Internet experience.

Frequently asked questions

What is AutoBackup?
AutoBackup is a backup tool via cPanel that allows you to restore or download a full cPanel backup with just a few clicks. Exclusive for Stellar Plus and Stellar Business customers only.
How does AutoBackup work?
As a Stellar Plus or Stellar Business customer, AutoBackup is enabled for use within your cPanel dashboard. Storing several copies of backups (daily, weekly, and monthly) you can choose your preferred version by date and restore it automatically from the cPanel AutoBackup interface.
Can I use AutoBackup with other hosting providers?
An exclusive tool to Namecheap, AutoBackup is only available with Namecheap’s premium Shared Hosting Plans.
How soon after migrating my website to Namecheap can I start using AutoBackup?
As long as you’re a Stellar Plus or Stellar Business customer, once the 24-hour migration period is complete you can start using the AutoBackup tool. Keep in mind that the first daily backup will automatically take place one day after.
Is there unlimited storage space with AutoBackup?
For our Stellar Business customers, we offer unlimited backup storage space. However, for our Stellar Plus customers, if you reach a certain storage limit, we’ll notify you via email. For more information, please refer to our Acceptable Use Policy.
How far back can I access my external backup files?
Organized by day, week, and month, you can retrieve external backup files as far back as a year. Once you’ve logged in to your cPanel or your Namecheap Account Panel, simply select a date to automatically restore or click on the “Get Backup” button to make that particular file available for download.

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