Internet Freedom

Namecheap supports privacy, freedom of speech and net neutrality. Join us!

Namecheap is an organization that believes deeply in privacy, security, freedom and equal treatment for all internet users. In the past, we’ve asked our customers to help us fight the passage of both SOPA and PIPA, legislation that would've greatly compromised net users' privacy. We worked together, and we succeeded.

More recently, we at Namecheap are asking clients to join us in support of net neutrality. It's not just a catch phrase. Equal treatment is impossible without true net neutrality. So we invite you to stand with us in this fight. Namecheap will continue to keep you updated about issues that impact you and to provide opportunities to donate to worthy causes. Let's keep working together to keep our internet free and open.

What We're Doing

In 2012, the Stop Online Piracy Act nearly passed. SOPA proposed that owners of intellectual property block or disable any website that they felt infringed on their intellectual property. Because of the threat to our customers, we hosted the first official Move Your Domain Day on December 29, 2011 as a call-to-action for those who opposed SOPA and wanted to leave service providers who supported SOPA and other such ill-conceived legislation. Click here to read more about Move Your Domain Day.

Our lawmakers continue to propose new laws restricting internet freedom, and that’s why we host MYDD (Move Your Domain Day) every year. We donate funds raised from MYDD to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a donor-supported membership organization that works to protect fundamental rights regardless of technology and to educate the public about digital rights. Visit to learn more →

Our Latest Efforts

Move Your Domain Day 2018 was held on March 6. We, once again, raised money for the Electronic Frontier Foundation who fight for civil liberties in the digital world. 2018's total was $30,885.

Previous Move Your Domain Days have already raised over $390,000 for EFF. We also joined forces with Fight for the Future’s work to stop inappropriate spying and surveillance online back in 2014. FftF works to help people feel empowered to demand technology policy that serves public interest.

Namecheap Supports Internet Freedom!

  • Mar. 2018: MYDD raised $30,885 for EFF

  • Feb. 2016: MYDD raised $54,951 for EFF

  • Jan. 2015: MYDD raised $50,845 for EFF

  • Aug. 2014: Reset the Net raised $3,510 for FftF

  • Jun. 2014: Reset the Net raised $2,938 for FftF

  • Feb. 2014: MYDD raised $42,451 for EFF

  • Feb. 2013: Raised $16,878 for EFF against CISPA

  • Jan. 2013: MYDD raised $44,311 for EFF

  • Dec. 2011: MYDD raised $64,180 for EFF

  • Nov. 2011: Raised $81,200 for EFF

Since 2011, Namecheap has donated a total of more than $390,000 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, in support of internet rights and freedom.

Need help? We're always here for you.

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