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Vaporwave aesthetic
Vaporwave aesthetic
Vaporwave aesthetic
V  Λ  PORW  Λ  V  Σ   Λ    Σ  STH  Σ  TIC

What is vaporwave?

Vaporwave is a genre of music that began entirely online. 

A typical vaporwave track consists of stretched loops, usually borrowed from elevator music or a nostalgic pop song from the ‘80s or ‘90s. There’s usually a surreal, dream-like quality to vaporwave music as well as a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor.

Vaporwave aesthetic

Vaporwave is visually accompanied by images of manufactured nostalgia — often with objects like dolphins, statues, and palm trees floating in an abstract plane. Imagine Club Tropicana rendered on a Sega Genesis.


Before computers became more advanced, the text was monospaced. Each character, from a thin lowercase “i” to the wide uppercase “M” took up the same amount of screen space.

For modern compatibility with Chinese, Korean, and Japanese characters — which are inherently monospaced — Unicode has designated full width Roman alphanumeric characters.

These characters allow you to evoke the old-school computer aesthetic of vaporwave in any text input online.

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