Upside down text generator

Create upside down text you can copy and paste pretty much everywhere online, including social media bios, instant messages, emails, and more.

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Upside down and reversed
uʍop ǝpᴉsdn
Upside down text
ndsᴉpǝ poʍu
Upside down and reverse sentence
ǝpᴉsdn uʍop

How does this tool work?

The upside down text generator works by swapping the basic letters of the Roman alphabet with similar characters from other languages and sets of symbols. This gives the impression of the letters being flipped 180 degrees.

Some of the characters don’t require flipping, such as “O” and “X”. Some of them have an easy replacement in the Roman alphabet (e.g. “b” can be swapped with “q”).

The upside down and reversed text does the same thing, but also reverses the order of the letters.

Where do the flipped letters come from?

Unicode, which is basically an agreement on which letters computers can use, has over 100,000 possible characters. This includes the letters from thousands of languages, mathematical symbols, and emojis ☝️.

Many of the symbols used in this tool come from the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). This alphabet is used to note all the possible sounds a human can create with their voice. Other upside down text symbols have more obscure origins, as seen in the table below.

Upside down character table
OriginaɐFlipped Latin “a” – used as a symbol in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)bqJust the letter “q”cɔLatin Small Letter Open “o” — another symbol from the IPAdpJust the letter “p”eǝAn extension of the Latin alphabet used in the Pan-Nigerian alphabet and African Reference AlphabetfɟLatin dotless “j” with a stroke — from the IPAgƃLatin small letter “b” with top bar — used briefly in the Zhuang alphabet to represent a voiced bilabial implosive before being replaced with “mb”hɥSmall Latin Turned “h” — IPAiSmall Latin Turned “i” — used in the Uralic Phonetic AlphabetjɾLatin Small “r” with Fishhook — IPAkʞLatin Small Turned “k” — IPAllJust a lowercase “l” — works in most fonts, with the exception of some serif fonts and all mono-space fontsmɯLatin Small Letter Turned “m”nuJust the letter “u”ooStays the samepdJust the letter “d”qbJust the letter “b”rɹLatin small turned “r” — IPAssStays the sametʇLatin Small Turned “t” — IPAunJust the letter “n”vʌLatin Small Turned “v” — IPAwʍLatin Small Turned “w” — IPAxxStays the sameyʎLatin Small Turned “y” — IPAzzStays the same
AThe logic symbol for universal quantification, essentially meaning “for every” or “for all.” Also used in the IPA for an “open-backed rounded vowel.”B𐐒Deseret capital letter “B” — a phonetic alphabet developed by the Mormon Church under the eye of Brigham YoungCƆLatin Capital Open “O” — used as part of an extension to the Latin alphabet in the Yacatec Mayan alphabet and the African Reference AlphabetDCanadian syllabics Carrier Tha — part of a set of characters for writing aboriginal Canadian languages like Inuktitut and CarrierEƎLatin Capital Reversed “E” — IPAFTurned Capital “F” — introduced to the Roman Empire by Emperor Claudius, it denotes the sound a “W” or “V” in EnglishGפHebrew letter PeHHStays the sameIIStays the sameJſLatin Small Long “s” — once used for the first character in a double “ss” for words like ‘eſsay’KLisu letter Kha — part of the Fraser Lisu alphabet invented by preacher Sara Ba Thaw, to write Lisu, a Tibeto-Burman language, in Roman lettersL˥Modifier Letter Extra-High Tone Bar — used in conjunction with the IPA to represent a high-pitched toneMWJust the letter “W”NNStays the sameOOStays the samePԀCyrillic capital “Komi De”QLatin Capital Letter “O” with Hook AboveRLatin Small Capital Turned “R” — IPASSStays the sameTUp Tack — a mathematical symbol used to mean a constant, usually one that has faulty logic or absurdumUIntersection — a mathematical symbol in set theory used in the middle of a Venn diagramVΛGreek capital letter LambdaWMJust the letter “M”XXStays the sameYTurned Sans-Serif Capital YZZStays the same

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