Check mark text icons

Quickly copy and paste check marks, tick symbols, and verification marks.

Check mark - tick
Ballot x - cross mark
Heavy check mark - tick
Empty ballot box
Ballot box with check
Ballot box with cross
Heavy ballot x - cross mark
Ballot box with ballot
Green / white check mark
100 / full marks
White flower
O / circle mark

What is a check mark?

Check marks or ticks are used to show something is correct, chosen, complete, or verified.

The tick ✔ comes from the letter V in the Latin word “veritas,” which means truth.

Besides the traditional tick ✔, other variations on the check mark include the cross ✘, the slash /, and the check box ☑.

When to use a check mark

Exams and quizzes

Exams and quizzes are often marked with ticks and crosses. In many places, a tick ✓ indicates a correct answer while a cross ✘ indicates an incorrect answer.

However, using a tick ✓ to mean correct is not universal. Japan and Korea use circles ⭕ for correct answers and a slash /, cross ✘, or tick ✓ for an incorrect answer. Finland and Sweden both use tick marks ✓ for incorrect answers.

The Netherlands, Indonesia, South Africa, and Suriname use the flourish of approval for correct answers. (Sadly, there is no Unicode symbol for this.)

To-do lists

To-do lists often use a check mark ✓ to indicate that an item is complete. Crosses ✘ and strikethroughs are also used. If you’d like to use strikethrough text, checkout the strikethrough generator.
Strikethrough generator7 variations
Create 𝚂̶𝚝̶𝚛̶𝚒̶𝚔̶𝚎̶𝚝̶𝚑̶𝚛̶𝚘̶𝚞̶𝚐̶𝚑̶, 𝚜̷𝚕̷𝚊̷𝚜̷𝚑̷𝚎̷𝚍̷, or ████████ text that works anywhere online, including social media posts and bios, emails, and lots more.


Ballot papers use a check box — a box with a cross or tick — to denote a chosen candidate, party, or measure. An empty box is left for unchosen items.
Correct choicePopular choice

What do 💯 and 💮 mean?

You might be wondering why these emojis appear on this page. Both are used to mark school work in Japan, the birthplace of emojis.

💯 One hundred points symbol

This symbol simply means you got full marks, or 100%.

💮 Hanamaru

Hanamaru is a stamp or drawing a teacher would use on a particularly good piece of work. Sometimes, this emoji is rendered with the phrase “you did very well” and sometimes as the drawn version — a scribbled spiral with petals drawn around it.
Check mark alt-codes
Alt-codeHTML entity2713✓2714✔2717✗2718✘2610☐2611☑2612☒2B55⭕💯1F4AF💯💮1F4AE💮2705✅🗳1F5F3🗳

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