How to configure ActiveSync (Exchange) account in Outlook for Android

This guide provides instructions on how to add your Namecheap Private Email mailbox as Exchange (ActiveSync) account to Outlook on Android.

NOTE 1: Before setting the email account, make sure you have the correct DNS records for the domain and the mailbox is created.

NOTE 2: Exchange/ActiveSync is available with Business/Business Office subscriptions only.

To add the account in Outlook:

1. Open Outlook on your device.

2. In case it is your first account, press Get Started, and type the email address:

If you already have an email account added to Outlook, press Settings in the upper right corner, select Add Account, then Add an email account:

3. Type the full email address of the account you want to add (we use as an example) and press Continue:

4. In case your account type is not automatically recognized, you will be offered to choose the account type. Choose Exchange:

5. Type the required details:

- Password: the password from the email account;
- Description: the description of the email account. Only you will see it.

Private Email uses autodiscover for the fast and convenient way to set up your mailboxes in the email clients.

Once filled, click on the Done button in the upper right corner:

If for some reason the automatic setup failed, it is possible to type the settings manually.

Go back to the step 3, double-check the name of your mailbox and proceed to step 5, click Advanced Settings and fill in the required details:

- Server:;
- Domain/Username: the same as the name of your mailbox ( can be both: the name (e.g. support) and the full email address (e.g.

Double-check all the settings, then press Done in the upper right corner.

6. The setup is finished. Now you can start managing your Private Email account in Outlook:

That's it!

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