EasyWP: How to purge WordPress cache

EasyWP uses a caching system based on Varnish to improve the speed of the WordPress websites. Varnish is configured to cache content for 1 hour, and sometimes this might cause delays between the moment you publish a post or modify the website and the moment you can see the updated content in the browser.

A workaround for this is to install the Varnish HTTP purge plugin. When the plugin is installed and configured correctly, it sends a request to delete the cached data of a page or a post every time it is modified.

NOTE: If your website was created after September 6, 2017, the plugin is already installed and configured for you. If you created you website before that date, follow the instructions provided below.

To install the plugin:

1. From within your WordPress Dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New:

2. On the next page, search for Varnish HTTP purge and click Install Now:

3. Click the Activate button to activate the plugin:

4. Next, navigate to the Tools menu and click Varnish Status:

5. In the Configure Custom Varnish IP section, set Varnish IP to and click Save IP:

If permalinks have already been configured for the website, the plugin will start working automatically. If you have not yet configured the permalinks, Varnish HTTP purge might not work and you will see this message:

To set the permalinks:

1. Go to the Settings menu and click Permalinks:

2. Choose one of the options (not 'Plain' that is selected by default) and click Save Changes:

After saving, the message will disappear and the Varnish HTTP purge plugin will be configured correctly.

That's it!

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