Where can I locate Comodo (now Sectigo) SSL certificate received from Symantec Swap App?

Once you replace your Symantec SSL certificate with the best-matched Comodo (now Sectigo) SSL, you can locate it in the Domain List section.


Please click on the caret near the domain for the certificate to expand the list of services assigned to the domain and locate the certificate that will have the status 'Newrenewal'.


In order to complete the process, please click on the button Activate near this certificate.


(Note:Please make sure you have the filter 'All Products' selected in the Domain list. Otherwise, only domains will be shown without any products assigned to them).


You will see the form to paste the CSR code and select the necessary details for your certificate. All other steps during the process are similar to activation.

After you complete all the steps in your account, you will see the certificate management page that will show you the certificate is in progress now.

Please keep in mind that the information needs to be validated. That means you will need to complete the DCV step via one of the methods (email, HTTP validation or DNS-based validation) selected during activation process. Also, if you have an OV or EV certificate, the company information will be verified and the necessary documents need to be submitted to the Certificate Authority.

After the certificate is issued, it will be emailed to you. You should then install the certificate on your server for the renewal to take effect.

If you receive any error message during the replacement process, please contact our Support Team for assistance.


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