Why do I fail to receive a Transfer Approval email?

There are several reasons why you may not receive an email to approve an incoming domain transfer:

1. The transfer is not in the “Awaiting Email Confirmation” status yet

After you order the transfer, check your transfer status in your Namecheap account.

If you see that the status shows “Verifying domain contacts”, please allow us some time to retrieve your contact details from Whois and generate a transfer approval email. Typically, verification does not take more than a few minutes. However, in some exceptional cases it requires up to 24-48 hours. We will take care of your transfer and push forward the email delivery then.

If your transfer is already in the “Awaiting Email Confirmation” status, just keep an eye on the incoming emails for the admin contact address and wait for the email - it will arrive within 8 hours at most.

2. Invalid or outdated administrative contact is listed for your domain in Whois

We send verification emails only to the email addresses listed in Whois. Verification emails are sent to the administrative email address (and to the registrant contact email if it differs from the administrative one).

Not sure which email address is listed under Whois for your domain? You can check it here.

If the administrative email is no longer valid, you need to request the change at your current registrar.

Once the email has been changed, wait for the updates in Whois (normally, they are almost instant, but sometimes they may take some time to appear), confirm that the new address is displayed instead of the outdated one and resend the approval email within your Namecheap account (go to “Dashboard” or “Domain list” with the “All Products” view >> select the domain >> go to the drop-down menu available next to the “Refresh status” button >> click “Resend email”).

You can expect a new approval email to be delivered within the next 8 hours (it usually arrives within several minutes after you resend it).

3. The Whois Privacy Protection service is enabled for your domain

We recommend disabling any type of Whois privacy protection/private registration for your domain prior to ordering the transfer. This is not always required but may be essential if your registrar does not allow transfers when privacy is enabled (e.g., GoDaddy) or if you have some difficulties with email delivery.

If you still want to keep privacy on, please check that you are able to receive emails sent to the administrative address of the privacy service shown in Whois. You may give it a try and proceed with the transfer if the privacy email functions properly and forwards all incoming emails to your real address. Otherwise disable the privacy service and resend the Transfer Approval email within your Namecheap account.

4. The email went to the Spam/Junk folder

If the Transfer Approval email does not show up in the Inbox folder of your admin email address, make sure that you also check the Spam/Junk folders. Some email service providers may filter automatic emails on their servers’ side, so please reconfigure your spam filters not to miss an email from donotreply@name-services.com and support@namecheap.com. Still failing to receive the approval email? Please contact us for further assistance.


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