What is an Authorization?

When you update billing information in your Namecheap account, add a new card and/or proceed with submitting an order, a temporary authorization hold for a nominal amount is placed on your credit card. Like many other merchants, Namecheap uses authorization holds to confirm that your payment account is active and has the funds available for purchases.

For many different types of credit and debit card transactions, authorization occurs before the actual purchase is processed.

If you complete the checkout process during the first 30 minutes after the authorization transaction creation without leaving the shopping cart and without adding your credit card once more - a successful order and transaction are created in our system. However, if you make mistakes in your order process and re-run authorization or cancel the order before the checkout process is successfully finished, authorization appears.

NOTE: In the United States, apart from the nominal amount hold, you might also see a $1.00 USD authorization hold. If you live in another country, you'll see a charge for the similar amount in the standard currency of your region.

Authorization hold period

Authorizations have a temporary effect of reducing the available balance for the account, but they will automatically expire and drop off the account eventually. Rest assured that the authorization hold is removed within 24 hours.

After that the credit card authorization becomes void, i.e., the funds are no longer held from your account and are put back to it. The money should appear on your credit card statement within 2-10 business days.

If any further questions or concerns arise, please submit a ticket to our Billing/Sales Department.
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