What is Canvas? What can I do with it?

Canvas is a very simple and user-friendly one page site builder. If you are looking for a quick way to tell the world about yourself or your business/company, and site development is all Greek to you, or you just don’t need a big and complicated website - Canvas is exactly what you need.

What can I do with Canvas?
    You can create a page with:

  • A title and references to any other of your resources:


  • A short description of your site/product/or basically anything you want to display on your website:


  • A photo gallery:


  • A space for collecting your visitors' email addresses:


  • A contact form which will forward visitors' messages to your email address:


  • A footer for your website:


Can I customize my site with Canvas?

In a way, you can. You can set your own background for any section of the website, as well as sections in any desirable order. Additionally, you can choose from several templates available for some of the sections.

Will I be able to add my own content (video, pictures)? What about code?

You can add your pictures to the gallery section of the site and also use them as a background for any of the sections, except for the footer.

Videos and code are not supported by the website builder.

You can also add your text in the “Content” section.

Can I create an online store with Canvas?

No, Canvas platform can't be used to create an online store and does not have sections required for an online store.

Do I need hosting to use Canvas?

No, hosting is not required for Canvas. To connect your domain name to the platform, you will only need a CNAME record for the www host, which is automatically set for you as soon as you purchase an application with us.
If you removed the CNAME or need to set it up manually, set the following records:

URL Redirect Record for @ forwarding to http://www.yourdomain.tld
CNAME Record for www pointing to domains.canvas.me

Should I choose Canvas over your hosting?

If you need a simple single page to present yourself or your business to the world, then Canvas is exactly what you need. It’s very easy to use and allows creating your own web page within less than 30 minutes.

In case you want to create a website with subfolders or subdomains, include some videos, create an online shop or customize your website with your own code, templates, etc., then you need a web hosting package.

Can I install SSL for a site using Canvas?

It is not possible to use SSL for a website using Canvas and our default (or Premium) DNS.

Is it possible to remove Canvas from my account?

Yes, you can remove Canvas in the following way: click on Apps in the left-side menu >> Edit >> Click on the "Remove" icon next to your Canvas subscription >> Confirm the removal by clicking "OK" >> Press the "OK" button the top right corner of your Apps dashboard.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support Team.

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