What does the Namecheap SSL cPanel plugin do?

  The cPanel Namecheap SSL plugin provides you with a quick and easy way to configure your SSL certificate within your cPanel account. It allows you to generate a CSR code, validate the certificate and install it on the server in only two clicks.

No more lost private keys, no need to create special emails for validation, no worries about which sent codes you need or in which order they should be used. You won’t need to contact the Support Team to install certificates for you – now you can do it yourself in just minutes. It works like a charm!

   At the moment, the plugin is available only in our shared servers and only for single-domain Domain Validated certificates.
The full list of hosting packages and SSL certificates supported by the application is available here.

Here you can find the plugin itself and read a quick explanation on how to get started with it! Before you activate your certificates, make sure your DNS servers propagated already, otherwise certificate will get stuck in the INPROGRESS status.


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