How does the Namecheap SSL cPanel plugin work?

To use our plugin, you do not need to install it additionally. It’s already included in your cPanel area. You’ll need to login to your cPanel account. There you’ll see Namecheap SSL in the Exclusive for Namecheap Customers tab.

For quick access, you can use our cPanel Shortcuts in the Namecheap account.

When you click on the plugin’s icon, you’ll be forwarded to the plugin login page.

With one click, you can connect your Namecheap account to your cPanel account.

Note, if you are not logged in to your Namecheap account, when you try to sign in with the plugin, you will be forwarded to the login page first.

If you were signed in successfully, you will see a message asking to allow the plugin to access your account, click on the Allow button.

After this, the plugin will automatically forward you back to your cPanel account and download the certificates list from your Namecheap user account.

Now you see two tabs in your application: My Namecheap SSL and Installed via plugin.

My Namecheap SSL shows all newly purchased certificates, as well as certificates that were not installed using the plugin and certificates which were initially installed using the plugin but then uninstalled. Also, you will see certificates activated for domains not hosted within the current cPanel account – these will have Ineligible status and can not be managed using the current cPanel account. Single-domain Domain Validated certificates only are shown in the plugin. In this tab you will be able to renew active certificates.

Installed via plugin tab shows the certificate that are installed using our plugin. You can uninstall, download or renew installed certificates as well as reorder if SSL has expired.

HTTPS-redirect option allows enabling the automatic https:// redirect for the domains that have certificates with the 'Active' status. To enable the https:// redirect, simply click on the toggle and you will get the successful activation message.


Sync with Namecheap option allows you to synchronize plugin’s SSL list with the one under your Namecheap account. You have to be logged in to your Namecheap account for synchronization to work.

Support option will forward you to our Support Desk, where you can submit a ticket with us or start a Live Chat.

You can use our plugin to manage certificates listed in different Namecheap accounts but hosted under the same cPanel account. However, only one Namecheap account can be used at a time.


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