How do I uninstall/download an SSL with your cPanel plugin?

To uninstall a certificate installed by Namecheap cPanel plugin, navigate to the Installed tab and click on the Active next to the certificate you wish to uninstall.

If you do not need the certificate itself, simply use the Uninstall option.

You will still receive a suggestion to download the certificate before uninstalling. Ignore that option and proceed with uninstalling

If you download the certificate upon uninstalling, it will be provided to you in PFX format (certificate, Bundle and Private key included).

After the certificate is uninstalled, SSL files are removed from the server, and the SSL with the corresponding Certificate ID moves to the New tab. The certificate remains active and can be installed back to the server at any time, as long as it’s not expired and the host name the SSL is issued for is hosted on the server.

Upon reissue, it is also possible to download the certificate. Within your cPanel SSL plugin: Select the active certificate you wish to reissue, click on the Active green button next to the certificate, and choose the reissue and install option. You will be prompted to replace the certificate and download it prior to reissue, if required

The download option will be accessible in a separate pop-up window

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