What is Namecheap Spam Protection?

Namecheap Spam Protection (powered by SpamExperts™) is a powerful anti-spam and anti-virus system. What makes it different from other providers on the market is the incredibly low false positives rate. This is achieved by the proprietary self-learning smart technologies allowing to eliminate spam before it reaches the network. The spam intelligence comes from processing millions of emails, applying continuous improvements in secure data collection/analysis and detecting new patterns. That accumulated intelligence is shared real-time with all users worldwide. You can find more details at the SpamExperts site.

At this time, Namecheap Spam Protection is enabled on our shared servers. It works for our Free Email Forwarding as well.

Namecheap Private Email services are also using Namecheap Spam Protection and are configured to work with such reputable public blacklists as SpamCop, Spamhaus, etc. for efficient basic filtering.

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