What is the cost of Emergency Assistance for my dedicated server?

Emergency Assistance is a fee-based service, an "on-request" technical assistance from our support team. It includes additional software installation, customized solutions, assistance with basic services, etc. We recommend this type of assistance to those who can manage a server on their own but can require occasional assistance.

Emergency Assistance is billed at $30 per 15-minute rate. In order to request it, please submit a ticket to our Hosting - VPS and Dedicated Servers department at the helpdesk.

NOTE: In order for our technicians to assist with custom software installation, they must be provided with the step-by-step installation instructions, otherwise, they might not be able to assist with the request. Our technical team can also refuse to assist due to technical or security reasons, as well as when we cannot guarantee stable or correct work of the solution you want to install on the server. We do not support custom scripts or software. We can make recommendations or suggestions if you run into problems, but it is not feasible for us to be experts on every single piece of software in the marketplace.


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