How to configure Exchange account in Microsoft Outlook 2003

In this article you will find the instructions on how to synchronize e–mails, contacts and appointments of your Namecheap Private Email account in Microsoft Outlook 2003.

Take into account, that synchronizing with Microsoft Outlook is available only for Business and Business Office packages.

First of all you will need to download Namecheap Private Email Updater for Microsoft Outlook.
You can download it in your webmail account going to System menu -> Downloads -> Updater

The program will install OXtender2 addon for Microsoft Outlook and it's further updates.
If the updater does not find Oxtender2 on your computer, it will offer you to install it:


After installation pop-up window will appear, enter your login details.


If pop-up window did not appear use Check now option.  In the taskbar OXupdater will show prompt you that 1 or 2 updates available: 

OAS4.png              OAS5.png                  

After clicking on “1/2 updates available” you will see the update and you can run OXtender installation (and OX Drive if needed):


Enter the login details for your Namecheap Private Email account:


Then the installation window will show up and you will need to follow the next steps to install OX Connector correctly:

Run the installation. Make sure that no existent email accounts share email address you are going to use with Namecheap Private Email due to possible conflicts.
Also we must indicate that at present OXtender 2 can not cooperate with another MAPI (Microsoft Exchange) account in the same mail profile.

If due to a conflict you need to remove existing account, make sure that you've taken care of saving mail on  mail server or locally in a separate backup in case of using POP3.
But if you are editing (removing or resetting) MAPI or IMAP profile there's nothing to fear of.

Enter configurations for your new profile :

Profile name: Profile_name_for_Outlook (any name you like)
Configure as default e-mail profile: check this option to make this profile a deafault one
Server URL:
Username: your e-mail address created in Namecheap account
Password: password created for this e-mail address

Note“usm-json” URI added automatically to the server address

Click Install.


 - If everything is correct, you will see the windows saying that Oxtender 2 was successfully installed.

- Now run Microsoft Outlook 2003 on your computer.

- Choose the new profile you created from appeared window.


All the contacts and appointments will be synchronized with your Outlook profile.

- Buttons marked on the next screenshots directly link Outlook with Namecheap Private Email features like calendar, file storage and others.


In case you need to change any settings, you can always do this after installation.

- Navigate to Start ->Control Panel.


- ClickMail.


 - Choose OXtender profile that has been set up and click Properties


- Click on E-mail Accounts…


- Select the option that you need.


- Choose the e-mail account and click Change


- Make all the changes that you need.


List of features supported in most recent version of OXtender 2 addon and slight technical insight can be found   here.


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