How can I pay for hosting with Namecheap Account funds?

You can use funds deposited to your account in order to pay your hosting invoices.

Please find the instructions below:

1) Log in your Namecheap account
2) You can pay for your hosting plan in two ways:

   a) Choose Expiring Soon menu in the bar on your left

Find the domain name associated with your hosting plan and click on arrow to extend the services, click on Add to cart sign and choose View Cart

    b) Choose Domain List menu in the bar on your left

Find the necessary domain name and click on arrow to extend the services, click on Renew option in front of the Hosting service you would like to renew

After both these steps you will be redirected to the Shopping Cart.

3) Click on Confirm Order and proceed with checkout. Kindly note that as all the hosting packages are renewed at the regular price, no promotion code can be applied.

4) On the next stage you can check the payment methods you may use: Credit Card, PayPal or Account funds. Choose Account Funds and click Continue.

5) Check everything and click Pay Now button

Afterwards you will see the regular order information:
"Thank you for your purchase! Your order XXXXXX, placed on XXX XX is completed."

You will be able to check the payment in the order and transaction history using this guide

If you want to enable the auto-renewal option for your hosting account and use your credit card for this purpose, please refer to the article Can I set up automatic billing for my hosting account?


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