How can I transfer a domain from one Namecheap user account to another?

You can move a domain to another Namecheap account in the following way:

   - Sign in to your Namecheap account
   - Mouse over Account option in upper right corner of the page and choose Domain List or choose Domain List menu in the bar on your left


    - Click on Manage option in front of the domain name you would like to transfer to another Namecheap account

    - Choose Sharing & Transfer from the top menu and scroll down to the section Change Ownership.

With a change of ownership, you fully relinquish ownership of the domain (along with some associated services) and designate a new owner. If the new owner doesn't have a Namecheap account yet, she or he will have the option to create one.

    - In order to move a desired domain to another Namecheap account, insert Namecheap username of the New owner into the corresponding field and click Change. The new window will pop-up.

Use this form to indicate which contact info should be listed for the domain after the change of ownership. Some verification is likely to be required if you choose to use new contacts. We recommend you choose to use new contacts, in order to avoid confusion and verification difficulties in the future. Also, you need to enter your account password as confirmation of your identity and click Change.

    NOTE: In order to complete the domain transfer to another Namecheap account the destination account user should enable additional security features. After that you will be able to move the domain completely.

The destination user should follow the steps below to accept ownership of domains:

    - Sign in to Namecheap account;
    - Choose Security option under Profile menu in the bar on your left

    - Under Recovery & Alerts section click on Edit in front of Incoming Invitations option

    - You have the option to give consent to automatically accept two types of incoming invitations: Invitations to accept ownership of domains and to accept managerial permissions to edit domains owned by other Namecheap clients. If you expect to receive many such invitations, enabling these options now will greatly speed up the process. Thus, enable them and click Save changes.

    NOTE: “To accept ownership of domains” option allows to accept any domain moved to your account.

If you are the owner of both original and destination accounts, you need to accept ownership of domains by following the steps above, log out and sign in to the original account.

The domain transfer is free of charge, and the domain you move is not renewed.

    NOTE: The domain transfer to another Namecheap account is final and we will not be able to reverse it. If you need the domain back you will have to contact the new owner of the domain.

 This is it!

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