Canceled – Domain contacts did not respond to verification email

After the transfer is submitted and the correct Auth/EPP code entered, a Form of Authorization (Transfer Approval) email is sent from (or to the domain’s Administrative email address (as listed in WHOIS) within 8-12 hours.

The email should read as follows:
FoA email.jpg

By clicking the link, you will be directed to the following submission form:
Approval Form.png

In the Approval Information section

  • Select ‘I Approve’ if you wish to proceed with the transfer, or
  • Select ‘I Reject’ if you do not wish to proceed with the transfer for any reason.
Upon clicking ‘Submit’, your response will be recorded and sent to the Registry.
If the transfer is not approved within 7 days, it will be canceled automatically.
If you did not receive the Verification email please check that:

  • WHOIS Privacy Protection features (such as Domains By Proxy or Private Registration) are disabled for your domain;
  • The domain’s Administrative email address correct
  • You are searching within the proper email account, including spam and junk mail folders.
Keep in mind that the Transfer Approval email is sent to the Administrator contact listed in WHOIS at time of transfer submission. If this information has been changed, the initial email will not be delivered to the correct address and it needs to be resent. Additionally, the spam filters of certain email service providers may prevent the Transfer Approval emails from being delivered. In this case, please add the addresses and to whitelist on the side of your email provider and request the Transfer Approval email to be resent. You can resend this email from your Domain List or just contact our support team for assistance with this.

Refund information

All Namecheap transfers are risk-free. In case of transfer failure, a full refund will be issued to your Namecheap account balance. This information can be found in your Namecheap account Dashboard.

Once all modifications are made and the domain name is prepared for transfer, you may resubmit the transfer at Domain - Transfers page and select ‘Account Funds’ as the payment method during checkout.
If you paid for the transfer with a credit card or PayPal and no longer wish to transfer your domain, our Support Team will gladly assist in refunding your payment to the appropriate service.


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