What is the amount next to 'Auto Renew Requires' on the My Account page?

The amount displayed next to 'Auto Renew Requires' specifies the amount that may be required for auto renewals coming up in the next 90 days. This will be helpful for you to determine how much money you need to leave in your account for the auto renewals to renew your items automatically.

We send an email in the end of each month to notify you about the upcoming auto-renewals for the next month. The email indicates the list of products that will be auto-renewed as well as the total required amount and the available funds.

We'll try to charge the required amount to your Namecheap Funds first. If the available funds aren't sufficient, we'll try to charge the credit card if you have one on file and it's enabled for auto-renewal.

To find out how to set up your domains for auto-renewal please refer to the following article: Is it possible to have my domains renewed automatically?


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