FAQs on CloudLinux 8 upgrade

There will be plenty of server maintenances during the February-June, 2024 period. A reason for that - CloudLinux upgrade to version 8 on the following shared hosting servers: Regular, Premium, Business, and Reseller hosting. Current version 6 which is used on our servers, will reach its end of life in June.

We strive to organize these upgrades most smoothly and will do our best to inform you in advance about the maintenance by sending personalized emails to your contact email addresses, posting banners with information about the upcoming maintenance in your cPanel and Namecheap accounts, and posting status posts regarding every bunch of servers that are experiencing this maintenance on the status page.

This article aims to provide answers to the most common CloudLinux upgrade-related questions that may arise.

  • Are there any actions to be done from my side?
No, there is nothing to be done by you. Everything will be performed by our technicians and no post-maintenance actions are required.

  • Is there any downtime expected during the upgrade?
The downtime is expected for each server. All the hosting-related services will not be available: websites, cPanel account, cPanel mail, FTP connection, SSH connection, etc. The exact downtime will be mentioned closer to the date of the maintenance. We will do everything possible to minimize the service disruption.

  • Why should the version upgrade be performed?
The server's operating system critically should be upgraded to CloudLinux 8, because currently, our servers are using CloudLinux 6. This upgrade is essential to ensuring stability, the performance of our systems, improved security, and integration with new technologies and software.

  • Which servers will experience the version upgrade?
The maintenance on the CloudLinux version upgrade will be performed on all the shared hosting servers: Regular Shared, Premium, Business, and Reseller hosting.

  • When will my server be upgraded?
These maintenances will be performed in the February-June, 2024 period in plenty of bunches of servers. The following actions will be done in order to inform you about the maintenance:

  1. We are sending personalized emails to your contact email addresses with the expected date of the maintenance;
  2. You will see banners with information about the upcoming maintenance in your cPanel accounts;
  3. We will be posting status posts regarding every bunch of servers that are experiencing this maintenance. The exact names of servers and the date and time of the maintenance will be mentioned in the status posts. Feel free to bookmark our status post page - https://www.namecheap.com/status-updates/category/hosting, using the Subscribe option to get email notifications about the updates:

  • How can I check which email address is set as a contact one? And how can I change it?
The emails are sent to your Namecheap account contact email. In case you need to update it, please follow this article.

  • How do I know the name of the server my account is being hosted on?
You can check the servername in your Namecheap account >> Hosting list >> locate the hosting in question >> click on Manage >> navigate to Server Hostname. Alternatively, you can see the servername in the cPanel account >> Server Information.

  • Can the maintenance be re-scheduled per my request?
Unfortunately, we cannot re-schedule the maintenance per your request. It's a global maintenance that is performed for the whole server, thus, to our biggest regret, it's not possible to have a personalized maintenance timeframe for each customer.
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