How to re-install VPN on MacOS using Keychain

MacOS keychain is used to save important security tokens and other sensitive user information.

If you did not provide access to the Keychain when installing the FastVPN app for the first time, please perform the following steps:

1. Close/quit the FastVPN application.

2. Delete from the Applications folder (or any other).

3. Delete the following folders (if they are present):

/Users/{user_name}/Library/Application Support/com.namecheap.namecheap-vpn-macos

where `user_name` is your local user name

  • In order to search for system files in MacOS, the following steps should be taken (applies to all versions of MacOS, including Mojave):

    a) Go to the "Finder" and start a new file search (hit Command+F or go to "Find" from the File menu).
    b) Type the search query for a system file into the "Finder" window and click the search button:

    c) Click on the plus (+) button to add additional search parameters:

    d) Click on the "Kind" menu and select "Other":

    e) In the attribute selection box, type "system" and select the "System files" attribute, then click "OK":

    f) Click on the next search parameter for "aren't included" and select "are included" instead:

    g) Look for the required system files.

4. Open the System Preference >> Network. Find Fast VPN IKEv2 Configuration and remove it if it is present there.

5. Delete the records related to FastVPN from the Keychain:

Screenshot of the Keychain access settings on MacOS

6. Install FastVPN app again and launch it. You should see a Welcome screen and initial login page:

Example of a MacOS desktop with the FastVPN app launched

7. Try to log in. If the system asks about granting permission to add a record in the Keychain, click Allow.

NOTE: In case the Keychain is locked, the system will ask to unlock it once you sign in to the FastVPN app.

A popup indicates here to enter your login credentials for FastVPN

8. After you select a preferred location to connect, you will get the "FastVPN wants to use your confidential information stored in FastVPN login in your keychain" message. Click Always Allow to complete the setup:

If you need any further assistance, please contact our Support Team.

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