L2TP Connection Setup Guide for iOS

Follow the steps below to set up a manual L2TP VPN connection on your iOS device:

1. From the Home Screen, go to Settings > General > VPN and choose Add VPN Configuration:

A red arrow points to the Add VPN Configuration option in iOS

2. Fill in the fields as given below to configure:

  • Type: L2TP
  • Description: VPN L2T
  • Server: your preferred server from the FastVPN Account Panel (e.g. lon-a65.vpn.wlvpn.com)
  • Account: your FastVPN account username from the FastVPN Account Panel (username@namecheap)
  • Password: your FastVPN account password from the FastVPN Account Panel
  • Secret: vpn
Make sure that RSA SecurID is set to OFF and Send All Traffic is set to ON and click Done to save the configuration:

3. To enable the FastVPN connection, toggle the Connected button to the position ON. After the VPN client is successfully connected, you will see the Status: Connected:


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