Private Email account setup on OX Mail app for iPhone

This guide provides instructions on how to set up your Private Email account in the OX Mail application on an iOS device.

NOTE: If you've set up a Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for your mailbox and wish to use OX Mail (or OX Drive) app, you will need to set up an Application Specific Password. This guide should be useful.

To create your Private Email account, follow this tutorial.

1. Go to the App Store on your smartphone and install the OX Mail by Open-Xchange application:

2. Enter your full Private Email address and click on the Login button:

3. Copy and paste this address: into the respective field, indicated in the screenshot below:

4. Please enter the password to log in to your Private Email account and click on the Login button:

Now you are free to check, send, and receive emails to your Private Email account via the OX Mail application.

That's it! 

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