COVID-19 Reporting

Namecheap has been proactively taking steps to prevent COVID-related fraud and abuse from sites selling counterfeit products and services, providing misinformation and otherwise capitalizing on the ongoing global health crises. We are actively working to both proactively prevent, and take down, any fraudulent or abusive domains or websites related to COVID-19.

In order to prioritize incoming reports and information from our customers, consumers and government agencies during this crisis, we have created dedicated email addresses for use during this time that will prioritize all COVID-related reports. We have created a set of guidelines that will allow us to investigate as many reports as possible and provide the greatest level of public protection. In addition, we have also established a COVID Response Team to partner with government agencies/law enforcement and industry groups on this issue. We regularly work with the FBI, DOJ, FDA and Secret Service agents, among others.

Please only use these channels for COVID-related submissions. All other submissions must be submitted through regular channels and we cannot guarantee your submission will be addressed if it is not related to COVID-19.

Reporting Abuse + Dedicated Emails

General Reporting Guidelines:

When reporting suspected COVID-related abuse, please make sure to provide the following for each domain submitted for suspected abuse:

  1. Nature of abuse. (i.e. fraud, malware, etc.)
  2. Method used. (i.e. website or email)
  3. Documentation/Evidence. Please provide us with all the information available to you that supports the suspected abuse such as URL links, emails with full headers, etc.
Bulk Submissions:

We ask that you do not submit bulk lists of domains. We assure you that we have reviewed, and are proactively and manually reviewing COVID-related domains. We are also working with federal authorities and the registry/registrar community to monitor and investigate abuse daily. Bulk lists repeatedly include domains already reviewed and waste precious resources from being able to focus on other reports. As such, bulk domain submissions will only be processed when the submission includes the above-referenced information for each domain.

Customers/General Public:

To report a fraudulent site or abusive activity related to the COVID-19 please email our COVID Response Team at

NOTE: This is a one-way communication channel. We prioritize all COVID-19 submissions made through this channel but cannot provide feedback or updates.

Government Agencies/Law Enforcement:

If you would like to report suspected COVID-related abuse regarding a domain registered with or website hosted by Namecheap, please email our COVID Response Team at

NOTE: Just like any other emergency channel, we ask that you do not use this email if you are not part of a government agency.

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