What is SpamExperts?


SpamExperts is a user-friendly email filtering solution that allows protecting your account from both incoming and outgoing spam. One of the benefits of SpamExperts is that the suspicious emails are stored in the Spam Quarantine, so the users can easily manage the emails and mark them as legitimate or suspicious ones.

How does SpamExperts work?

SpamExperts works at the domain level, that means you may manually select the domains you would like to protect:

With SpamExperts enabled for the domain, all incoming emails are automatically routed through the SpamExperts filtering system before reaching mail server you actually use.
If the email is defined as spam, it will be either discarded or placed into quarantine. In case the email is valid, it will be delivered to the email account in question.

NOTE: The exact shared server to forward mail to is determined by the hostname/IP address specified in email route settings. By default, if you haven't changed MX records for your domain after hosting account setup, the mail server will be determined by A record for subdomain mail.domain.com (this is a default route set in SpamExperts settings).

In case this sub-domain is pointed to third-party IP address by means of A record it's possible to adjust routing in SpamExperts settings to server hostname, IP address or domain (hostname) that is pointed to our server. If the hostname specified in email route settings is pointed to the third-party IP address, the email will not be delivered to your mailbox: it will be either rejected by that third-party server and the sender will receive a bounce back email, or the email will reach the server but the sender will not get any notifications about undelivered email in this case.

Getting started with SpamExperts

If this is the first time you are configuring your domain name to work with SpamExperts, after all the settings have been configured, you will see a notification when entering the Professional Spam Filter interface that is similar to this:


If you see this warning, contact our HelpDesk and we will do the necessary configuration from our end.

All incoming mail appears to be routed to SpamExperts server after the appropriate MX records are set up for the domain you wish to protect.

Follow this article to configure SpamExperts for your domain.

SpamExperts configuration

SpamExperts account can be opened via cPanel >> Professional Spam Filter menu under Mail section.

For cPanel Basic Theme:


For cPanel Retro Theme:


From there, choose which account of the domain name you wish to access by clicking the Login button, redirecting you to your SpamExpertsDashboard:

Follow this guide to take a closer look at each component of your SpamExperts Account.

How to deal with mail issues during account transfer?

During an account transfer from one server to another, it’s very important to keep your mail service working and SpamExperts filtering and routing your emails to the new server (if your hosting account is already activated there).

In order to do this, it’s necessary to perform one basic step: adding the hostname or IP address of the new server to the destinations in the settings on the old server.

Once your account is transferred to the new server you need to make sure that destination settings are updated as well. If you fail to do this, SpamExperts will filter the emails and forward them to the old destination mail server that was indicated in destinations, where the account is no longer active. As a result, the sender will get a bounce-back message that a sent email has not been delivered.

If you wish to avoid any mail service downtime and get all the emails sent during the transfer to your inbox on the new server, the corresponding destination should be created: go to SpamExperts Dashboard >> Destinations menu >> click Add a destination and insert the IP address or hostname of the new server your account will be hosted on:


After that, you will have two destinations that SpamExperts may use (with the old and new destination mail servers). If your new account is already active on the new server, we recommend deleting the old destination. Also, you will need to check to see if the correct hostname (IP address) is indicated in the destination settings on the new server.

Disabling SpamExperts

In case mail should not be routed through SpamExperts filter, you can change MX records for your domain to point to shared server (if you wish to use cPanel Webmail service without SpamExperts) or any other server directly (if you prefer using third-party mail service).

That's it!

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