EasyWP: Refer a Friend

Our Refer a Friend program lets you introduce someone to EasyWP, and get an extra free month as a reward. That’s a win-win for you and your friend. You’ll both enjoy a free month of Managed WordPress Hosting added to your accounts.

For each new customer that buys a subscription through your referral link, you will earn another free month of EasyWP. And all our new customers get a free month when they join us.

Here’s how to get setup and start benefiting:

Inviting a Friend

NOTE: It is not possible to invite friends using the Refer a Friend option during the EasyWP free trial offer.

A new Refer a Friend link is visible in the header of the EasyWP Dashboard:

After clicking the Refer a Friend button, a page appears where you’ll see a link that can be shared with your friends, inviting them to sign up for EasyWP.

The link is unique for each EasyWP user so you’ll be sure to get your referral bonus. Simply copy and paste your unique link to share it. Alternatively you can click on the share buttons at the bottom of the page:

By clicking on the Check status of all your invites button, you will be redirected to the Referred Friends page.

Clicking on Show All Invites will display how many new customers signed up using your link, along with how many free months you’ve gained:
  • Ready – this means a free month is good to go, it can be assigned to your subscription.
  • Redeemed – this shows you the free month for that referral has already been used.

Free months can only be assigned to subscriptions with websites. This means if you don’t yet have a website in place, your free month reward can’t be activated.
Do not worry, the reward will not expire. It will wait in your account under the Ready status until you are ready to use it.

To Redeem a free month, simply select the website you want to assign it to.

Accepting an Invitation

A friend that receives an invite link for EasyWP signup will see this landing page:

During signup, they’ll see a message confirming that an extra month will be added to their subscription:

FAQ and Terms and Conditions

  • Does Refer a Friend work with other subscriptions like domains?
No, Refer a Friend is for EasyWP subscriptions only.

  • Does Refer a Friend work when buying EasyWP on your website?
No, Refer a Friend only works by using the unique referral link found in your EasyWP Dashboard.

  • Who is eligible for a free month reward?
Rewards are assigned only if the friend that signs up has never purchased an EasyWP subscription. They may already have other subscriptions with Namecheap, but they’re eligible if they’re new to EasyWP.

  • If I refer someone to EasyWP and they renew their subscription, will I get another free month?
No, the Refer a Friend program covers the first subscription only. It is an introduction reward for every new customer.

  • Does any EasyWP pricing plan qualify?
The free month earned for referring a friend can be applied to any pricing plan you choose (Starter, Turbo, or Supersonic), regardless of what subscription your friend buys. Likewise, the extra month earned by a newly referred customer can be applied to any pricing plan.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not allowed to create additional EasyWP accounts with the sole purpose of getting free months.
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