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Making the Internet
a better place

WordPress has given so many the power to create amazing things that may otherwise
cost thousands of pounds, and it asks very little in return.

The evolution of WordPress

Take a moment to process what 40% of the Internet looks like. It’s hard to conceptualize, and yet, what binds that sizeable chunk of cyberspace is one iconic platform. Diverse, adaptable, and most importantly, constantly evolving. WordPress had humble beginnings. It was developed by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little from open-source content management system, b2evolution. Originally known as b2/cafelog, their creation later became WordPress.

Why it took off

The open-source nature gave it a universal quality, which inspired thousands of plugins from developers who saw the benefit of an open system. This resulted in an even more versatile way to build a site for beginners and pros alike. Whatever you need WordPress to do, someone, somewhere will have created a plugin so you can make it happen easily, and make it look great. So, whether it’s for blogs, personal sites, ecommerce, or something entirely unique, WordPress can definitely point the way to get there.

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