Move Your Domain Day

Namecheap fights for online freedom for all

What is Move Your Domain Day?

Put simply, Move Your Domain Day is our response to efforts to drive Internet censorship. For Namecheap it is about our long-term commitment to advocate for net neutrality and Internet freedom. On that day, we invite customers to switch to Namecheap and with every domain transferred, we donate up to $1.50 to help support the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

There has never been a more crucial time to highlight the importance of a free and open Internet. Internet censorship comes in many forms, such as building online borders, and fragmenting the networks.

In 2012, the Stop Online Piracy Act nearly passed. SOPA proposed that owners of intellectual property block or disable any website that they felt infringed on their intellectual property. Because of the threat to our customers, we hosted the first official Move Your Domain Day in 2012 as a call-to-action for those who opposed SOPA and wanted to leave service providers who supported SOPA and other such ill-conceived legislation.

In recent years, Move Your Domain Day has practically become an annual tradition in which we support organisations who fight to protect the Internet. We do this on behalf of our customers, who tend to be incredibly passionate about freedom on the Internet. Namecheap CEO Richard Kirkendall has this to say:

Any legislation has the potential to harm the way everyone uses the internet and to undermine the system itself is dangerous. At Namecheap, we believe a free and open internet is the only option that will continue the legacy of innovation and openness we stand for.
Richard Kirkendall, Namecheap CEO

To our loyal clients: Thank you for being part of this important work.

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