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Supplemental Registry Agreement for Certain TLDs

This Supplemental Registry Agreement ("Registry Agreement") supplements the Registration Agreement between you on the one hand and Namecheap, Inc. (“Namecheap”) on the other hand with respect to the registration by you of the .BZ, .CA, .CC, .CM, .CN, .CO, .DE, .EU, .ES, .IN, .ME, .NU, .TV, .UK, .US, .WS, and any subsequently adapted country-code top-level domains ("ccTLD Services").

Your registration of a domain name in any ccTLD (each a "New TLD Domain Name"), is subject to policies and service agreements established or revised from time to time by the registry (or operator of such registry) for such New TLD Domain Name ("New TLD Registry"), in its capacity as the registry for its respective Top Level Domain. Each respective New TLD Registry's current policies and service agreements ("New TLD Registry Policies") are available for you to review at each New TLD's respective website. For example, the registry policy for .bz can be found at You agree to be bound by and comply with the applicable New TLD Registry Policies, including amendments and modifications thereto, with respect to your New TLD Domain Name registration.

You acknowledge and agree that you have reviewed and satisfied yourself as to the obligations and conditions contained in the applicable New TLD Registry Policies. Such policies shall not alter the terms and conditions of the Agreement. To the extent there is a conflict between the New TLD Registry policies and the terms of this Registry Agreement or the Agreement, the terms of these Agreements shall prevail. You agree that the New TLD Registry has the right to enforce the New TLD Registry Policies.

  1. Submission of ccTLD Orders. Subject to the terms hereof and the applicable New TLD Registry Policies, you may, through the use of the Namecheap ccTLD Services or such other means as Namecheap may designate in writing, place orders for the Namecheap ccTLD Services. Such orders shall be submitted in the form and manner prescribed by Namecheap. By submitting an order for any ccTLD Services, You represent and warrant to Namecheap that the order is consistent with the New TLD Policies for the applicable New TLD Registry. You expressly authorize Namecheap to bind you to all terms and conditions in any corresponding registry or registrar for the ccTLD Services provided pursuant to this Registry Agreement. Furthermore, you acknowledge and agree that in certain specific instances a specific New TLD Registry may require direct contact with you or through Namecheap or a third party provider of the ccTLD Services.

  2. Compliance with Registrar and Registry Policies. You are solely responsible for ascertaining the contents of any New TLD Registry Policies, whether reflected in this Registry Agreement or not, and any amendments or modifications thereto. You represent and warrant that any order you submit for ccTLD Services is compliant with the applicable registry policies, terms and conditions. You further represent and warrant that any information provided by or through you to Namecheap in connection with the services hereunder is accurate and complete, and submitted in the form required by the applicable registry. You also agree that you have a continuing obligation to periodically monitor such policies for any changes.

  3. Supporting Documentation. You agree to timely provide Namecheap with all information and supporting documentation reasonably requested by Namecheap to fulfill any accepted order. If such information is not provided prior to the earlier of the time required for the provision of the ccTLD Services or a period of thirty (30) days from the date of the request, or if the information provided is incorrect or false, Namecheap may terminate the portion of the order for which information was requested, and any fees paid in connection therewith shall be non-refundable or, if fees have not yet been paid, a 10% processing fee shall be applied.

  4. Warranties. You represent and warrant that any ccTLD domain name registered pursuant to an order made hereunder is registered and used for lawful purposes.

  5. No Grace Period For Certain ccTLDs Registrations. There are no grace or redemption periods available for the following country specific domain name: .cm country-specific extension ("Country Specific Domain Name(s)"). In addition, if you do not renew your Country Specific Domain Name prior to the renewal date for such country specific domain name, then you run the risk of loss of your Country Specific Domain Name. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR FAILURE TO RENEW YOUR COUNTRY SPECIFIC DOMAIN NAMES AND RELATED SERVICES BEFORE THE EXPIRATION DATES WILL RESULT IN A DELETION OF YOUR COUNTRY SPECIFIC DOMAIN NAME FROM THE REGISTRY. You acknowledge and agree that by purchasing Country Specific Domain Name services from Namecheap that Namecheap shall not be liable for the following: (1) any loss, damage or liability you incur due to any interruption caused by your failure to renew the services; (2) any loss, damage or liability you incur due to the loss of domain name registrations as a result of the failure to renew such services; and (3) your sole and exclusive remedy for any claim arising under this Country Specific Domain Name service shall be limited to those remedies provided under the Agreement between you and Namecheap. Namecheap, LLC disclaims any and all liability in the loss of domain name registrations due to failure to renew services.

  6. All .nl domain names are registered with SIDN, the administrator of the .nl zone. Where the registration of your chosen domain name and its subsequent management are concerned, Namecheap will act as your representative in dealings with SIDN. Namecheap will also submit an application to register the domain name on your behalf. By instructing Namecheap to submit an application to register a domain name, you agree that, if your application is accepted by SIDN, you will enter into a contract with SIDN, of Arnhem, the Netherlands (Trade Register no. 41215724), covering the domain name’s registration. Your rights and obligations under the registration contract, and those of SIDN, are set out in the General Terms and Conditions for .nl Registrants, which can be read here. You acknowledge that you are familiar with the General Terms and Conditions for .nl Registrants and accept their applicability to your registration contract with SIDN.

Additional Registry Requirements

Below are links to registries that may have additional contractual requirements that you agree to by registering domain names from those registries. You are responsible for reviewing any terms and conditions provided by these registries:

*.AU domain registrations are done in partnership with ENOM

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