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Why Choose a .AI domain?

The .ai domain name is short, easy to memorize and immediately shows the world your passion for innovation. A great choice for startups and artificial intelligence companies looking to change the world with technology, now is the time to get involved and buy your .ai domain.

Is a .AI Right for Me?

You automatically think of artificial intelligence when you hear AI, making this domain the perfect home for organizations in this innovative field. Ideal for academics, tech companies and cyborgs with ideas above their station. Show off your AI knowledge and register a .ai domain name today.

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Primarily a ccTLD, .ai is the domain name extension for Anguilla in the Caribbean. Now .ai domain names are also used by exciting organizations working in AI. Whether you deal in robotics, deep learning or machine learning, don't miss your opportunity to register your .ai domain today. “I need your clothes, your boots and your .ai domain name!”

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do you register a .ai domain name?

    It’s easy to get a .ai domain! First, check if your name is available by using our Domain Name Search. If it is, choose any additional products that you would like and confirm your order.

  • For how many years can I buy .ai domains? How much is a .ai domain?

    You can register a .ai domain for 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 years. Looking for the cheapest .ai domain name registration? Look no further, choose Namecheap for a premium service today.

  • What does .ai mean? Is .ai a top level domain?

    Yes, .ai is a top-level domain for Anguilla, found in the Caribbean. It is a ccTLD, however, it can be used by any individual or organization, not just those with an address in Anguilla!

    If you want cheap .ai domain names from the best .ai domain registrar, register with Namecheap and get a great price now.

  • Who can register .ai? Are there any restrictions?

    Good news, there are no restrictions on buying this top-level domain. A .ai is open to anyone worldwide, so make sure you register (and get a cheap price) on your domain name.

  • When was .ai launched?

    The domain .ai was introduced in 1995 as a country code top-level domain. Any individual or organization can register and purchase a .ai TLD, so check to see if your extension is available at a great price.

  • What happens to my .ai domain if I accidentally let it expire?

    When a domain expires, your website and mail service will stop functioning, and no changes can be made to the domain. However, you have a period of about 30 days at Namecheap after the actual expiration date during which you can still renew the domain at the regular rate. Here’s all the information you need.

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