Congrats to Rod M. from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, whose order
included our 2 millionth domain! :)
More domain credits to be won. Every 10th domain till 2,010,000 will receive $10.16 credit


Namecheap is closing in fast on 2 million domains under management! To celebrate this event and to thank you for your support, we have decided to do something special.

Rod M. of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada registered Namecheap's 2 millionth domain. To thank him for his support, we awarded him 10 times his order amount.

The customer who registers the 2 millionth domain will receive a credit (up to $2,000) to their Namecheap funds of 10 times the value of the order he/she places which is inclusive of that 2 millionth domain. We are really close, so don't miss your chance!

The number above reflects the number of current active domains with us. If the domain you register is 2 millionth, you will win 10 times* the value of the order that domain was in

We are also giving away 1000 more domain credits of $10.16 for every 10th domain after 2 million registered across Namecheap. 

We're also giving away every 10th domain purchased up until we have 2,010,000 domains (e.g. 2,000,010, 2,000,020, etc.). You may get a credit of up to $10.16 in your account for each 10th domain at this time. Keep registering and be prepared to be surprised.

If you have any questions about the competition, please email contest AT namecheap . com.
* Up to a maximum of $2000
NOTE: This counter is not real time. It may take up to a minute to refresh.

Contest Highlights

  • 10 times the order value for 2 millionth domain name registered (up to $2000)
  • 1000 domain credits of $10.16 for every 10th registered domain after 2M (2,000,010 2,000,020 etc)
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