Middle Datacenter Technician

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Product Description

Namecheap, Inc. is seeking a Middle Datacenter Technician who will be responsible for performing the day-to-day duties involved in maintaining the datacenter facility and its critical infrastructure such as cages, cabs, racked and spare equipment and, of course, security. Middle Datacenter Technician will be hands and eyes of the whole NC system administrators and management teams.

Sound good? Great. Read on!


  • Assist with the operation, maintenance, and ongoing datacenter-related tasks, such as:

    • Server racking/stacking/cabling.

    • PDU/ATS racking/cabling.

    • Switch racking/stacking/cabling.

    • Hardware and network troubleshooting.

    • Server rebuild/HW components swap.

    • Server decommissions

  • Configuration of management interfaces of

    • Servers

    • PDU/ATS

    • Switches

    • ipKVM

    • Console servers

  • Conduct regular visual inspection of equipment and its performance levels.

  • Track and maintain physical assets at the acceptable level/stock.

  • Maintain assets DB up to date by inventorizing the stock levels and informing of the necessity of ordering new components.

  • Attach physical labels to the new/delivered equipment.

  • Perform miscellaneous data center related tasks.

  • Assist with the transportation and asset management of data center devices, ensuring receiving the new equipment from the DC AM department, optimal storage based on space and function.

  • Collaborate with the DCOPS Engineers regarding broken equipment troubleshoot & to determine tasks for fixing it, ensuring efficient equipment delivery to the respective service owners.

  • Follow directions from remote team(s) to solve issues (hands and eyes work).

  • Resolve technical problems with hardware, software and connectivity.

  • Facilitate, collaborate and communicate with datacenter personnel and the technical team regarding LTO'd equipment, ensuring any equipment/components and/or works performed by the Datacenter techs are as neat and the same high standards as NC own equipment.

  • Ensures data center operates at maximum operational efficiency, including analyzing existing operating conditions, recommending new technologies and improving overall efficiency, and cost reduction.

  • Assist DCOPS and service owner teams with maintenance activities and schedules as well as perform the HW maintenance part.

  • Conduct scheduled physical inspections of the infrastructure, analyze and report any detected issues and suggest solutions to fix those.

  • Escort third-party vendors during advanced troubleshooting and maintenance.

  • Ensure the work has been completed properly.

  • Identify opportunities to improve operations, efficiency and productivity.

  • Maintain knowledge base documentation.

  • Mentor more junior level technicians.

This job might be for you if

  • Advanced knowledge of PC and Server Hardware.

  • Experience with Super Micro, Dell and/or HP Server Hardware.

  • Ability to work in fast paced environment.

  • Possess excellent communication skills.

  • Have strong attention to detail.

  • Ability to logically analyze and solve problems.

  • Ability to effectively multi-task multiple projects.

  • Ability to follow instructions.

  • Willingness to adjust hours as required by the business to include being onsite for extended hours during emergencies.

  • Ability to work under pressure.

  • Ability to work with the documentation.

You will work closely with

  • Head of Datacenter Operations.


  • 3 Years data center experience.

  • Proficiency in Atlassian products.

  • Knowledge to troubleshoot problems with datacenter equipment (servers, PDUs, switches, etc).

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