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A few of the friendly faces of Team Namecheap

Photo of Richard Kirkendall

Richard Kirkendall

Title: Chief Executive Officer
Superhero: Green Lantern

Bringing Our Ideals to Life

As the head of the company, Rick’s job is to ensure everyone is focused and aligned with a single goal of bringing a free and open internet to everyone. He believes in bridging the gap between technology and people, and wants to make it easy for anyone, with any level of technical knowledge, to launch a blog or start an online business. Namecheap strives to provide excellent service and respect customer needs: lessons Rick learned early in life and which formed the core of his business philosophy. His personal passions are his family and his work, in that order. As a fan of history, his favorite book is Giles Milton’s Nathaniel's Nutmeg: Or, the True and Incredible Adventures of the Spice Trader Who Changed the Course of History, a tale of the age of discovery, suffering and perseverance.

Photo of Hillan Klein

Hillan Klein

Title: Chief Operating Officer
Superhero: Raphael of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Enable our future

As the COO, Hillan’s number one job is getting things done. He and his staff focus their efforts on supporting the broader Namecheap team so that we can offer our customers the best level of service possible. He’s inspired by the way our customers use our tools to build their dreams, disrupt their industries, and make a difference in their own way. In his early days flipping burgers, he learned how important managing process and quality could be at a company, and the value of putting customers first. Outside of work, he loves traveling, spending time with friends and family, and being his dog Beau’s best friend. And he finds the book Startup Nation a great look into innovation and entrepreneurship.

Photo of Sergii Smirnov

Sergii Smirnov

Title: Chief Technology Officer
Superhero: Captain America

Humanized technology

With his passion for enhancing the interaction between people and technology, Sergii is an ideal person to oversee Namecheap’s technology strategy and infrastructure. His current job isn’t that far from his original dream to become a rocket scientist, because even now he finds ways to get computers to take people to new places. He’s been at Namecheap for seven years, and continues to be proud of our customer service. When he’s not making sure the servers are humming, he might be snowboarding, surfing (even in ice-cold water!), or playing paintball, and he loves reading, with Lord of the Rings at the top of his list.

Photo of Matt Russell

Matt Russell

Title: Chief Cloud Officer
Superhero: Batman

Making Technology Accessible

Matt works hard to make sure Namecheap provides the world’s best hosting and web service platform. Currently he’s creating a new product that will make web hosting even easier for our customers to use. Before coming to Namecheap ten years ago, he worked as a web developer, so he understands the other side of the coin. To that end, he loves how he can empower customers with our solid hosting platform and all of our website tools. When he’s not working, he enjoys playing with his young son and is training for his private pilot’s license. As a dedicated reader, he has many favorites. He’s currently re-reading Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations as well as pondering Matthew Syed’s Black Box Thinking, a refreshing read on how constant learning builds success.

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