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A few of the friendly faces of Team Namecheap

Photo of Richard Kirkendall

Richard Kirkendall

Founder/ CEO

Focus: Overall Strategic Planning, Staff, Quality Assurance

I started this company with the intention of building a quality domain registrar with a laser-like focus on the best interface design and user experience, as well as providing clients with the best support anywhere. Everything we build and do at Namecheap revolves around these two factors. Our company culture is entirely dedicated to you – our clients – and how we can help you buy and manage your domains in the most efficient, hassle-free way possible. Everyone on our staff, from the bottom up, is ingrained with these same values and is at the ready to serve you in any way possible. As the CEO and Founder of Namecheap Inc., I'd like to welcome you to join our family and try out our services. I'm quite confident you won't be disappointed.

Photo of Mohan Vettaikaran

Mohan Vettaikaran


Focus: Architecting and Implementing Best-in-Class Products

From the day I started building Namecheap.com from scratch to the present day and beyond, my focus is on architecting, engineering and developing products and infrastructure that put the customer first. I strive to bring to life our company's vision of a best-in-class user interface, making it simple and painless for customers to purchase and manage products, always keeping in the mind that you entrust us with your invaluable domains. I constantly seek feedback and work to adapt our existing products to best suit our customers' needs.

Photo of Matthew Russell

Matthew Russell

Vice President, Hosting

Focus: Hosting, Management

I became involved with Namecheap in 2006, founding and launching the hosting division. After months of meticulous planning, we launched our hosting division using the usual Namecheap ingredients: Great customer service, competitive pricing and an industry-leading product. I work closely with our management team, concentrating on the hosting side of our business as we continue to evolve our products and services. Our whole ethos is centered on customer service, and this is what makes Namecheap a great company to work for.

Photo of Sergey Skurikhin

Sergey Skurikhin

General Manager, International Operations

I joined Namecheap in 2006 with the challenging task of building a strong support department, one that could stay on par with its rapid growth and provide customers with the best experience ever. My current tasks include managing Namecheap R&D projects, monitoring daily operations and making sure everything goes smoothly, so our customers can continue to enjoy our services.

Photo of Nata Trusova

Nata Trusova

General Manager, Customer Support

I joined Namecheap in 2007. As a Support Team Manager, my main responsibility is to ensure that all our customers are provided with the best value and service possible. To do that, I manage and coordinate our customer service team. Making the customer happy is really our mission here at Namecheap, and I'm excited to serve each and every day. I'm very proud of being part of the Namecheap team!

Photo of Marina Savina

Marina Savina

General Manager, Customer Support

I joined Namecheap in 2007. Since then, I've worked in different departments, but my real passion is in working with clients and providing great service, so I'm pleased to have ended up as Support Team Manager. My main responsibility is to manage and develop our support team, to ensure we provide the best level of service and support to our clients. I love my job, and I love our team. I feel happy every time I hear that our customers trust Namecheap and like the service we provide.

Photo of Tatyana Barchenko

Tatyana Barchenko

Manager, Risk Management

I joined Namecheap in 2007 and am in charge of coordinating our fraud analysts’ work to detect and prevent any kind of fraud committed against Namecheap or our clients. To achieve these goals, I strive to make sure that my team uses the most up-to-date online fraud detection tools to identify malicious users and provide our clients with the best set of security measures. Our clients' security is my team's highest priority.

Photo of Suresh Murugesan

Suresh Murugesan

Director of Engineering

I joined the Namecheap development team in 2004. As Director of Engineering, my focus is on working with new requirements and enhancements. Under the guidance of our CTO, we as a team keep working to improve our services. Our primary goal is making our customers and all of our departments feel comfortable and happy with our services. I feel so proud that I've been with Namecheap through so many milestones and am honored to continue working here.

Photo of Tamar Weinberg

Tamar Weinberg

Community Manager

I joined Namecheap in 2009, and my focus is on content development and social media marketing, among other duties. I have been a Namecheap customer since 2005 because of the company's stellar service and reliability, and I continue to be excited every day to evangelize our brand to our customers while offering the best support our customers could ever expect of a company.

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