Namecheap .TECH Domain Name Customers Can Win A Promotional Segment On Popular Podcast ‘This Week in Startups’

All startups and businesses with a .TECH domain can apply for the STARTUPS.TECH program before November 12

Namecheap is teaming up again with .Tech Domains to offer a unique opportunity for businesses and startups that own websites with .TECH domain names. At least one Namecheap .TECH customer will win a chance to have their business featured on the “This Week In Startups” podcast hosted by Jason Calacanis. Calacanis is a Silicon Valley icon and has backed many successful startups, ranging from Uber and Superhuman to Robinhood. 

The STARTUPS.TECH competition is the latest in a long history of Namecheap teaming up with .Tech Domains to empower creators and entrepreneurs. Selected businesses will also have a chance to pitch and promote their company to an audience of over 200,000 people, gain valuable exposure, make new industry connections and potentially even attract new funding opportunities.

Namecheap .TECH customers must head to the program’s dedicated page and complete the form to apply. While the process is simple, startups looking to submit an application need to act fast — at least one slot is reserved only for Namecheap customers, and the deadline to apply is November 12. Shortlisted applicants in the running for the prize will receive notification via email. 

To learn more about the STARTUPS.TECH program and competition, read this blog.

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